I wnated to take a minute to talk about expectations. When someone buys a hand made product, they usually just see something they like, or they find pretty. What most people dont realize, is how much time, energey, blood, sweat and tears have gone into learning mastering and creating those pices. 

Hours and hours of work go into each piece, from beginning to finish. Somone has taken the time to learn a craft and wants to share that craft with people. That certainly doesn't mean its going to be free. 

You wouldn't ask the mechanic to fix your car for free, or the grocer to give you your groceries for free, would you? So why would you expect an artist to do so? Please make sure you take the time to thank your artist for what they have made, and understand the true value of what you have bought. 

Best wishes and happiest of holiday seasons to you and yours, from me and mine.